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Todays my last day of work until after the new year and I look forward to this time more then any other time during the year.  Why?  Because I finally can just veg out and play some games.  All year I am so busy with work and kids and trying to make games that I don't really get any time to play games.  But for the next 9 days it will be 24 hours of games, sleep, food, repeat!!! 

I hit over a 1000 vies for my game and I have to say it is performing better then I ever imagined it would.  Not that I think I made a bad game but mostly because I am so new to game dev that I wasn't sure what to expect.  I have learned so much from releasing the game as also from playing games made by the community.  I have to admit I am becoming obsesed with hitting refresh to see how many views the game has gotten, but I suppect most people who have relased a game do the same.  Thought I would show a gif of failing at my own game.


Thank you to everyone who played and supported my game Particles of Light and got the game out of "under judgement".  The feedback was great and I look forward to making more updates!  The response from the commuinty has lit a fire for me to get even more games out on the site so look for some new things to come!!

You're the best!!

New to NewGrounds

2016-12-05 09:34:13 by skyislandgames

Hey everyone!

I am new to the Newgrounds community.  I am a software developer moving into the relem of game development.  I have posted a simple but fun plaformer as a symbolic dipping of my toe in to the lake of online games.  I had a ton of fun doing and and want to share it with everyone.  No matter what I plan to make more games and perfect my craft.  So play the game and drop me a message with any feedback.